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    Hello everyone,
    Trusted admin is now launched his very first site - StrongBux.Net

    If you played PTC for more than 2 years, you may heard the name thinhchien.
    Yeah you read that right.
    He's a true star in this genre of MMO. Look here:
    And now he's running his own PTC site call Strongbux.

    Some briefs:
    After some time running with Pre-launch, I want to announce with you that is officially launched now.
    As previous news, our team is working hard with our plan in mining coin (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH ... etc) and your fund invested here will be use for:

    - Mining coin : 60%
    - Pay daily for member : 10%
    - Invest in stocks : 10%
    - Trading coin : 10%
    - Pay dividends to shareholders : 5%
    - Advertise for Strongbux : 5%

    look rented ref price here
    Fixed Advertisements Value: 0.005 to 0.1$ per click
    Fixed Ads Rented Referral Click Value: 0.005$ per click
    Payment method: Perfect Money, Bitcoin
    Min withdrawal: 2$ (not 5$ [​IMG])

    Membership upgrade price:

    - Golden : $99
    - Ultimate : $299
    - Superior: $899
    - Superior plus: $2999

    Register now and make profit right after that:
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